Del Mar Rotary Chili & Quackers
Saturday, May 21, 2022
Noon to 3 pm

Adopt Your Ducks!

Purchase your numbered ducks here. They will be released a short distance from the shore and will make a run for the beach! The first 10 ducks to reach the beach will win great prizes for the lucky persons who adopted them. Buy more ducks to increase your chances!

You do not need to be present to win prizes. You will be contacted by email if your ducks are winners.

    x $10.00: Single Quack: One duck
    x $25.00: Quacker Trio: Three ducks
    x $40.00: Six Quack: Six ducks
    x $80.00: Quacker Dozen: Thirteen ducks
    x $100.00: Flock: Twenty ducks

Pre-purchase Food and Beverages!

You can also pre-order beer, wine, soft drinks, water, chili dogs, etc. Food and Beverage tickets will be given to you at the event when you check-in. Pre-pay on this website to avoid waiting in line at the event. Must be 21 years old or over to purchase alcohol. IDs will be checked when you pick up your tickets.

    x $7.00: Beer or Wine: One beverage
    x $2.00: Cookies: One item
    x $3.00: Soft Drink, Water, Chips: One item
    x $5.00: Chili Hot Dog: One bun and dog with chili

We Are Grateful to Our Generous Donors

Platinum: $1,000+

Gold: $500 to $999

Silver: $200 to $499

Bronze: Up to $199

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